Attractions And Programs At Skyzone Trampoline Park Provide Hours Of Fun For All Ages

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Looking for a fun outlet unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before? We thought so!! Come visit Skyzone and its trampoline-laden floor plan that provides hours of exhilarating fun for guests of all ages. The park provides hours of entertainment for both first-timers, returning guests and members of the community interested in checking out what all the commotion is about. In fact, Skyzone has proven itself as a community service and great way of reaching more residents. That’s because of the wide variety of attractions and programs offered, which we’d like to outline below.

  • Freestyle Jump: This attraction allows guests to release their inner acrobat and test the limits of their aerobics. You may have tried out a trampoline before, but we can guarantee you that you’ve never experienced wall-to-wall rebounds like this before. Many Family Christian Center School students have attested to the good, clean fun that the freestyle sessions offer.
  • Ultimate Dodgeball: This isn’t your parents dodgeball game. In an arena where you can get the aerial advantage over your competitor, dodgeball takes on a whole new dimension. Come try out this attraction and see why the tournaments we host are anticipated by Family Christian Center School students and staff alike.
  • Toddler Zone: A limitless trampoline park can be a hectic place. That’s why we decided to set aside space exclusively for our youngest guests. Let kids be kids inside our facility while the teenagers and adults try their hand (and legs) at our various other attractions.
  • SkyJam: A favorite of Family Christian Center School students, our weekly SkyJam sessions are held from 8 to 11 p.m. and include two slices of pizza and a soft drink per guest.
  • Overnight Lock-In: If you’re ready to test your endurance, our overnight lock-ins are a great way to get a lot of exercise. These events are hosted once a month and include unlimited pizza and soft drinks as well as access to video games, basketball, our movie room and more.
  • SkyFit: Wall-to-wall trampolines naturally lend themselves to being a great way to workout. With that in mind, our SkyFit sessions gives guests the chance to burn 1,000 calories while working out their arms, legs and core during this hour-long session.

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