Parents Should View SkyZone Access As Part Of Well-Rounded Faith-Based Education

family christian center school

As a parent, what does a well-rounded education mean to you? Do you trust your local public school to deliver courses that cover every corner of academics? Does “well-rounded” also mean an exciting education where students are pushed to see outside of the box? These are questions that every parent must ask themselves when deciding on where to send their children to school. At Family Christian Center School, the decision was made long ago to give our pupils the very best atmosphere, education and activities possible. This multi-discipline approach has been achieved year after year, with so many students graduating after completing all years of primary education with us. While parents can rest assured that their children are receiving an education that’s rooted in the same morals you teach at home.

Sometimes, however, it’s okay to let loose and the SkyZone is one of the best ways for Family Christian Center School students to do so. This indoor trampoline park in Clermont, Florida has been a student and neighborhood favorite since it opened in June 2011. Come later in 2017, the SkyZone will offer  a “foam zone,” “slam court,” free climb” and “warrior’s course” for those who want to mix things up when jumping around endlessly. While SkyZone is open to the community and is host to a number of local benefit events during the years — not to mention many birthday parties – it is also a great resource for Family Christian Center School students. That’s because those who are enrolled at the school are granted full access to the SkyZone during school hours for their physical education class! We think that this arguably the best gym class around and one session will have your young ones singing the praises, as well.

Does a trampoline park define a “well-rounded” education? We’ll leave it up to you to make that call but there is no denying that this vigorous exercise is a great way to liven things up during the school day. What’s more, the SkyZone trampoline park is open only to Family Christian Center School students during school hours, so it provides yet another way for the student body to mingle and build life-long bonds. When choosing the right faith-based school for your young one, take a moment to explore the extra-curricular offerings such as the SkyZone trampoline park and realize that it fits in perfectly with the idea of a “well-rounded” school day.

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